Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Catblog: rotation diet

Most mornings, I'm mobbed by the throng of kitties waiting for their kibble. This morning, however, it seems that Maus ruled the plate. She took first nibbles Maus at breakfast
while her Shy Sister sat and watched patiently Shy Sister

Maus let her in fairly soon
The Girls share breakfast without a squabble, and the Sister gulped down a bunch and then dashed back to her hidey-hole, away from the camera, leaving Maus all alone with the food, again. Maus eats alone again

(This has nothing to do with anything, except that, as I was looking at Maus this past week, I noticed how her white hairs scattered through the black ones to make it look as though she were radiating whiteness. I think she's an awesome beastie.)

Eventually, bashful Eubie decided he was bold enough to come out and ask to have breakfast with the prettiest girl on the block. Eubie's Courage

If I were a kitty matchmaker, I'd say they were a pretty couple, wouldn't you? And they're not siblings, either... at least, I don't think they are. I wish I could afford to catch them all and have them fixed, though, just the same.

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