Friday, January 19, 2007

Adspotting: with love from MoveOn to McCain

I saw my first campaign ad for the season, last night during the local news broadcast. Isn't it a little early to start hate stuff? After all, the Iowa caucus isn't for a whole 'nother year...

But as I lay there in bed, with cats piled on top of me and both allergy meds and chocolate out of my reach, I got a sick feeling having nothing to do with the sniffles and wheezing the cats and the house bring me. What if this ad is a calculated effort by Soros' crowd to make McCain seem more appealing to the right, by making him seem so offensive to the left?

McCain as a candidate is, after all, partly a product of Soros and his funding, his support for the BCRA. If McCain had not received lobbying funds from Soros, he may never have perpetrated that abomination in the first place, giving MoveOn the special power that a 527 has over other lobbying groups. McCain would have likely remained just some second-tier Senator and laughable presidential wannabe from the Southwest, had he not been elbows-deep in Soros-funded politics.

Is this ad, then, a "we've been betrayed by our own guy" campaign, or a genuine "he scares us, too" statement? Or is it the more coldly manipulative, methodical promotion toward the right -- where McCain will never find legitimate support, after his offenses against the First Amendment?

Of course, it could serve both purposes at the same time. By and large, McCain has striven to be centrist, straddling issues as smoothly as any politico can. MoveOnDotOrg Political Action and its "two million members" (ooooooh, I'm impressed), may be, as per the usual, pressing to make the divide between left and right so much the wider, forcing centrists to choose sides, further destabilizing the nation and screwing up trade, screwing up international relations, screwing up general life for the average working stiff, and probably bringing mayhem and death to most of the third world.

I would not put it past Soros to have big money riding on the world economy's tanking. And I suspect he's happy he has useful idiots (even those he advertises against, like McCain) to help him get there.

We likes these leftwit fanatics, we does. They makes us look quite rational and sane.

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