Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ill-clad starlets and beaver shots: Gratuitous Postcard edition

Not to be left out of the discussion being had on so many important blogs, this week, I decided I had to offer my own views on the badly-dressed blondes who frequent Hollywood's night spots, and about the increased number of "beaver shots" the press is getting (do they really find these things interesting?).

Therefore, I submit to you an under-dressed blonde starlet of perhaps dubious talents
Postcard: Hula Blonde Starlet

and a gratuitous moist beaver shot

What's the big deal?


EclectEcon said...

If you want to be Britney-lanched, you have put the right words in the title of your posting. Let me suggest, "Britney's Crotch Doesn't Hold a Candle to These Photos".

leucanthemum b said...

I don't think I could live down ever having been Britney-lanched. Regardless of the potential for sending me up the ecosphere a few species levels, the "ick" factor is still to much for my delicate sensibilities.

Hmmm... how about a plain, simple, "Britney's beaver not as wet as mine"? Nah. Mom reads my blog. I'd better stay away from the 'lanche.