Monday, December 04, 2006

First death in new Lebanese killing season

Gateway Pundit posts news from Lebanon of the first Hizb'Allah bagged in the new season, and the ensuing proclaimed martyrdom.

I dunno, but I'm thinkin' if some goonass marches with a few thousands of his pitchfork-totin' buddies into my neighborhood, he's buckin' for death by stupidity, and doesn't qualify for martyrdom. But, if he's a Sunni, marching into a Shi'a community in Beirut with a few thousand club/axe/rock-wielding pals, he's bucking for more than death by stupidity, he's taking the chance that he's just a straightforward tool of his own leaders.

As the report says, Ali Ahmed Mahmoud was shot dead, and it is unknown whose bullet claimed him. He could have been shot by somebody defending the Shiite neighbors, or he might equally easily have been shot by a member of Syria's team, aiming to foment civil war and destroy Lebanon altogether, so that Syria might finally own all the land and situate itself for the final push against Israel (not-so-incidentally wiping out the Christian bastions in Lebanon as well).

The sad part is, there are enough Lebanese Sunni who think that's a spiffy notion, the region is in serious danger.

People who think we can sit down at the table with Syria and believe anything they tell us have spent too much time without oxygen.

We shall wait and see if this is truly the first gunshot in Lebanon's civil war.

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