Friday, December 01, 2006

Fire claims local toddler

Yesterday morning, Mom and I heard the sirens crying, and we both wondered aloud about them.

The answer was, just after 9:30, the fire department answered a call just a few blocks from the station, where the house at 912 South 4th Street was engulfed in flames*. At the time of the fire, 2-year-old Jose Mora and his father had been at home. His father escaped, with serious burns, and was taken to Peoria to be treated at one of the hospitals there. Jose, however, died.

This is a small community, with not much wealth to spread around. Still, we do what we can. If you have any little bit to spare, the Red Cross could use your help, to help this family recover from their tragic loss.

*this site's headline error notwithstanding, some small amount of useful info there

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