Monday, November 13, 2006

left in the cold

Light blogging today due to the discovery that my furnace needs help. I've been waiting most of the day for the repairman to free himself up to come look at the old money-eater.

I only just discovered the problem last Friday night, when I came to the conclusion that, when the forecast has six nights in a row below freezing, winter is fast approaching, and I will need to blow the crap out of the ducts before the house gets completely shut down. I've had two windows open, upstairs, since early March (I'm allergic to my house and just about everything living in it, including myself, thank you), and have enjoyed breathing fresh air. But the cats seem to resent living in a house where, when I rise, I can see my breath.

So, I surrendered and tried to start the furnace. It refused.

Every two years, I have to replace the igniter. This time, I didn't have to wait until the coldest day on record to find out the igniter's life was ended. It quit before Injun summer was finished teasing us, I guess.

I'm just happy it was only the igniter, again (the repairman checked it for CO while he was there, too. Safety first!). When that old monster of a furnace goes, they're going to have a debbil of a time getting past all the cats who seem to have laid claim to the basement of my unsealable, century-old money pit.

Maybe I'll set the thermostat above 50ยบ F. tonight. For the cats. Just to celebrate a working furnace. But I don't think I'll make a habit of it.

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