Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gratuitous postcard: They named a hat for this guy?

Postcard:  S. Boudienny portrait
Initially I took this to be Uncle Joe Stalin, but on closer examination (including finding somebody who could read a little of what was on the back of the card) I learned it was this guy. He was very hard to find online, for all his significance during WWII. The first few references I came across were from online war game discussion boards.

After all that searching, I learned, at last, that there is a horse named for him, as well as a pointy-tipped hat, for both of which items I, a typical female, have a strange fondness (well, the hats don't have to be pointy. That's just a bonus, to cover my pointy li'l head).

Anyway, ol' Semyon Michailovich, a True Believer, was promoted to all sorts of high ranks in the Soviet cavalry, to prove himself incapable of successfully serving Mother Russia during the Soviet-Finnish war and, later, botched things in the Ukraine/Kiev during WWII. And, after all that, he still survived Uncle Joe's purges, and retired a Hero of the Soviet Union. On the plus side for him, the Soviet Union didn't fall until 18 years after his death, so he probably can't take all the blame, there.

So, just because a country has fools and lunatics running things (whichever party you're thinking about right now, you're probably right) doesn't mean the world will come crashing down around our ears tomorrow.

The jihad will probably take a little longer.

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