Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea sets off nuke

It's being covered by pretty much everyone, but Malkin and Gateway Pundit have two of the most extensive blog entries on it. Kim Jong Il has launched an underground nuke test, confirmed by seismologists all around the Pacific and points north.

According to sources cited on Malkin's page, the boom wasn't as big as NoKo had hoped, but that's still beside the point. He dunnit, against everybody else's advice. And that puts the Ring of Fire in a whole new light. Kim's messing with big, dangerous toys. And when lunatics like him get tools of massive damage, somebody is going to get seriously hurt.

Gateway Pundit seems to think it will first hurt the Democrats. A few commenters at lgf are convinced that this is all good for the Republicans, and that the Demos will have no way to spin this to their advantage -- but I heard somebody on Fox News (in passing. I had to get some caffeine into me first) who said, "Well, Bush has had six years to do something to stop this, and...". So, obviously there is going to be pre-election spin.

I dunno. I tend to think this development isn't just bad for the Democrats (for reminding us that Foley's nasty IMs are a punk cop-out of an issue, politically speaking). I think it's probably going to be bad for everybody. After all, China and Russia don't exactly have the most stable recent history, either, and they're also involved in the talks (for what they've been worth).

From a political perspective, all it does is remind me how iffy things are in this world, even with the Republicans half-taking the thing seriously.

I do know where the nearest fallout shelter is, now, in case anybody needs help finding it.

Update: Wow. Flopping Aces has LOTS on this.

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