Saturday, October 21, 2006

I love a parade!

Waiting for the Parade
Monmouth College Homecoming 2006.

Saturday, 10:00 a.m. CDT. The carillon begins to play, and nearly a mile away, the parade begins.
Empty Street
If you look closely, you can see the flashing lights of the police car and fire truck at the head of the line. Meanwhile, I wander down the sidewalk at the front edge of the campus, to see who's out for the fun.

Plenty of Crimson
No shortage of school colors around here.

The Weekses
No shortage of retired faculty & families, either. Jim DeYoung (theater dept) was doing pretty much the same thing I was, but with a nicer camera Jim DeYoung -- Photog

The crowd was still making its way up the walk... even at the last minute. Coming Up From Huff Athletic Center

At long last, the show begins Lead-Off


Highlanders (I think the lads -- and lass -- who won first prize deserve a second look, don't you?)

From here on in, I'll go small and fast for a while (kinda like the parade) but you can click on an image to get a larger one:
The Ditzlersthe Ditzlers

25th yr. reunion ride
the 25th-year reunion bunch
First 'Float' The first "float".

King & Queen
This year's royalty and Homecoming Court court.

MC's Marching Band MC Band In Jammies in their jammies, again. I wish the college would get them snazzier outfits so they can be cowboys, too (ask the Smothers Brothers about that one).

MC Cheerleaders MC Cheerleaders and Potential those in waiting.

The Misses Warren County Miss and Little Miss Warren County

KKG-and-MRHS Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Monmouth-Roseville HS band.

Winter Royalty Monmouth's wee winter royalty.

Fulton Hall participation Lead-upFulton Hall does Oz proud Fulton's Mob, take 2 including the Flying Monkeys (?) Of Fulton bring up the tail flying monkeys(?).

Pi Phi remembered Pi Phi & Their Little Dog, Too their little dog, too. Pi Phi Behinds The back of the float was done well, as well.

2005 MC HC Queen Katie Armstrong Last year's queen.

Honoring Woodbine My favorite fraternity (Zeta Beta Tau, from which I have many old friends) honors the house they wore out, and follows that ZBT with silliness, while, in turn, are followed by Sig-Ep Kazoo Band more silliness -- the Sigma Phi Epsilon Kazoo Band, a tradition since at least 1967, the first MC Homecoming parade I ever saw.
The ZBT truck stalled, so the Sig-Eps caught up with them and overran them, briefly, Sig-Eps Catch Up making the end of the parade only slightly more absurd than usual... and marking probably the shortest parade in history. I crossed the street to walk home at 10:30 a.m.


At least we still have fall colors, for a moment
Colors of Autumn

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