Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gratuitous postcard: Burning the midnight oil?

Postcard:  Hotel Fire

The smoke is billowing out from between my ears. I'm keeping fairly long hours, but feel as though I'm accomplishing little. I have three deadlines this week -- the usual one, for my weekly column, then the one for a friend's application for assistance, plus the programs for Saturday's concert.

I didn't get most of the data for the program until just Saturday night, and had no chance to even look at the stuff until last evening. The problem? I keep doing programs with actual style and graphics beyond simple text layout. There are layers upon layers of photoshop work going into this thing, and I have only one more day to get it together. Silly me. I should learn to keep things simple -- except that this is for a good cause.

Keep me in your thoughts. If all this doesn't trigger a massive collapse, I may have to start believing in a kind and merciful God.

By the way, if anybody knows a thing about this picture, I'd love to hear it. I bought the postcard Sunday, and it has no useful information on it. The only text on the back (other than "POST CARD", "CORRESPONDENCE" and "ADDRESS ONLY") was hand-stamped, and indicates it was "MADE BY F. E. AUGERSON & CO., GALESBURG, ILLS." No date, no names, no nuffin' useful beyond just that.

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