Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Catblog: Guardians at the gate

I'm house-sitting, this week, while my folks are away messing with dinosaur bones and then visiting with me bruddah's family. It means that I feed cats at two houses. I go to my own house, drop food in the dishes for the inside beasties, TiGrr and Peanut, then the outside kitties (I'm down to just 4, right now: Piers, AyeAye, and a pair of as-yet-unnamed young'uns), then hie myself over to Momsporchistan to fill a pair of bowls for Maus and Furfur. Those two will almost sit still for the camera, this week.

Maus stands guard very well, Guardian At the Gate making sure at first that I'm properly identified, then that nobody has followed me... Wooden Bars Do Not a Prison Make before filling her tummy, then expressing her appreciation You Cuddly Thing.

For a kitty who was deemed feral just a few months ago, she's learned a lot of trust. Either that, or she's just pushing Furfur's buttons, making him jealous I'm glad I'm not a guy, just here by stealing his snuggly spot.

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