Sunday, October 08, 2006


John also shared an embedded video of the old Wendy's ad, featuring the old "Parts is parts" line. And seeing the ad again (it took a while to load it, with my slow connection) brought back memories of the book, Pigs is Pigs, by E.P. Butler. Mom & Dad probably read it to me at bedtime a few dozen times, when I was little. I had to dig it out of the parents' library, just now, & sit down to re-read it.

The book is a century old, now, and is available for free, in plain text, at Project Gutenberg, as well (so you don't have to borrow my folks' first-edition copy).

The story is of a man who has ordered a pair of guinea pigs, as pets for his kid. The railroad station manager informs him that, since the guinea pigs are pigs, they are livestock, and therefore the handling fee is five cents more per animal than the fee for pets. The man refuses to pay the extra dime for the pair, goes home, and starts writing letters to the various offices, in an attempt to straighten things out. Meanwhile, the fecund guinea pigs are still at the station, together in a single box...

All in all, the happy memories are just another reason I want to go back to Wendy's for supper tonight.

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