Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Conservatives deliberately screwing up polls?

Ace posts that polls may be skewed by Republicans who refuse to answer long, drawn-out polls over the phone, even more so than by excitable, probably Democrat youths with cellphones.

The excuse is that Republicans have better things to do with their time than answer a bunch of silly questions, when their answers can be heard very clearly on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

I submit to you, me muddah. She is, albeit, not technically a Republican, since she refuses to register as such in the closed-primary-State-of-Illinois, but, deep down, she's as conservative as they come, sans church affiliation. Thrice this week she has declined to answer polls. I have reminded her that it is people like her that make it difficult to gauge accurately the political climate in advance of elections, and she grins like a wolf studying a lame rabbit.

"I intend to stick it to those idiot pollsters," she said to me. "At least, I'll do my share."

I love my mommy.

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