Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another Hollywood guy joins the dark side

And I didn't even sense his arrival!

Thanks to the Anchoress, I've learned that David Zucker, writer/director/producer of some of my favorite nonsense, has gone and become a "September 12th Republican". In some ways, it looks as though he's still a liberal, just gone all Zell Miller on the Democratic Party's asses Donkey. National defense issues will do that to a feller.

The Jewish Journal interview mentions his having made a low-budget anti-Kerry ad in 2004, and now has some video in the can for this month... to be aired, starting yesterday, via Drudge, YouTube, and the RNC netletter parody site, America Weakly. So far, I haven't found the new one, yet. If anybody runs across it, send me a link or let me know where it's been embedded...

I wanna see it! lemme see lemme see!

Update: lgf has it. I'm downloading it, as I type (this will take a while). Ooh, aaarhg! this is like Christmas Eve... the pretty, pretty package, and I have to wait to open it! I'd embed it myself, here, but the new beta blogger thing is making things a little challenging for the time being, so here's the YouTube link, instead (for those who are afraid to go into lgf's dark, forbidding rightwing territory. Not that you'll appreciate this vid so much, you silly leftists, you!).

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