Thursday, September 28, 2006

A very good reason to curb one's sex drive (gratuitous postcard edition)

According to this article at New Scientist, it wasn't just the old, infirm, and small, weak critters which fell to predators last year, out west. Healthy, young prairie dogs last year were snapped up by hungry foxes and birds of prey at an alarming rate -- just because the prairie dogs were out for a little indiscriminate nookie. So, the little rodents' sex drive was truly a killer instinct... just not the way most people think of such instincts.

Kinda makes me glad I'm (a) celibate and (b) too big for a goshawk to carry off, if I ever change my mind about (a).

Postcard: Prairie Dogs
"Come to think of it, Ms. Lewinski, now that you've found that pesky runaway pencil under my desk, there is something else you can do for me..."

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