Monday, September 25, 2006

The Iowa definition of "chutzpah"

Des Moines, IA:
Polk County sheriff's officials say Aaron Janssen was arrested yesterday while walking near the jail -- and carrying a bundle of pot plants.

Chief Mark Burdock says he couldn't believe his eyes when he looked out the window and saw the four-foot-tall plants.

Burdock says he yelled at Janssen, who walked over, still carrying the plants.

Dang. not only was he bold, he was stupid enough to actually come to a cop when called.

Or, maybe that was his plan. Free room and board for a month or two...

I think I've been at this conspiracy theory thing for too many hours, now.

The guy was a stoned idiot. Whether he'd smoked any of his crop or not, the weed went right to what was left of his brain, and fried it out. Scary to think this guy might be a voter. It's guys like him who make me despair of the Left, in their ever-elusive aim to decriminalize the crop and its use. If it makes him this numb-nutted, just imagine what it could do to the general electorate.

Oh. Wait. You don't need imagination for that.

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