Friday, September 22, 2006

California sues automakers for its own hypocrisy

I'd heard about this the other day, but Dafydd at Big Lizards went into a little more depth on the issue than the wee-hours ABC newsy people did.

It appears that the State of California's Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, is suing the Big Three automobile manufacturers for "contributing to Global Warming". How did they do that? by making cars that Californians drive. How stupid of GM and the rest!

For nigh on three decades, California's public - like the rest of us -- has had available to them electric cars, biodiesel and regular diesel cars, liquid propane engines, and a host of alternate fuel engines, as well as bicycles, trikes, and shank's mare. The seething masses in California's cities, like all other people, have not bought them. All those conscientious Californians who are pressing to destroy Detroit could long ago have joined Ed Begley, Jr. in his quest for the smallest possible footprint on the ecosystem. Instead they saw fit to drive everything from low riders to Humvees, from VW Beetles with tongue-in-cheek wind-up keys to limousines with two-ton hot tubs. That was their choice, and they, like the rest of us, will live with the consequences of that choice.

What Bill Lockyer is doing is burning down the brewery because Daddy's a mean drunk.

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