Friday, April 07, 2006

What to do with Moussaoui

As evidenced by comments at Ace of Spades HQ and a number of other sites, opinions are fairly heated as to how the hijacker-wannabe should end his days... slowly in a cell, or, after a handful of appeals, turned into fried bacon.

I'm on the side of those who are quietly hoping against the death penalty. Not because I think he doesn't deserve whatever he gets, though. Any person who gets his jollies watching people die in the collapse of the twin towers deserves the nastiest fate possible. That's why I want that dried lump of mucus to live.

And I want him to be an example to others, as well.

I would like to see him put into a solitary cell for the rest of his days, knowing, in full torment, that he was a miserable failure who couldn't even make a martyr of himself through the legal system. He wasn't strong enough to destroy a single airplane, a single building, a single person. He's therefore in no wise strong enough to take down America or the American spirit. In the long run, he must understand exactly how insignificant, to us, he and his destructive fantasies have been. Others have hurt us, and there is probably more harm to be done by determined fanatics, but we still stand a free nation.

Let him beat himself senseless, year after year, with his own shortcomings.

He failed. He failed. He failed.

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