Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The weather is here, wish you were beautiful

73 years ago today, somebody sent this postcard of a balmy afternoon at Chicago's Edgewater Beach Hotel promenade and beachfront.
Postcard: Edgewater Beach Hotel
Message text reads:Dear folks - How are you. We are pretty good, fine weather isn't it? Hazel was wondering if she left a map down there, she hid it in an old magazine excuse writing in a hurry If you find it, save it

I'm assuming the recipient knew the senders handwriting, or could figure it out by the reference to "Hazel".

At any rate, the weather in IL is, again, fine. In fact, it's balmy and making me barmy. I've opened every window I can, but I can't go outside until my work is done... tomorrow or the day after. When the forecast says we may get storms.

Not that it makes any difference, considering that I have indoor allergies and outdoor allergies both, but the outdoor ones are harder to control. I'm living on diphenhydramine HCl and dreams.


Enjoy your day.

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