Friday, April 07, 2006

Prozac linked to stillbirths

The Beeb reports that, in a Canadian study, SSRIs like Prozac appear to be linked to stillbirths and preemies:

The researchers found women using the drugs were twice as likely to have a stillbirth. They were also almost twice as likely to have a low birth weight baby.

Almost 20% of women who used SSRIs gave birth prematurely, compared to 12% of those who did not use the drugs.

Babies born to women using SSRIs were also more likely to have seizures.

We already know that many psychotropic meds can trigger respiratory and cardiac troubles in those already vulnerable (just as some heart & lung drugs can sometimes trigger mental problems). We know that MAOIs and SSRIs can often trigger psychotic breaks in teens and in adults who suffer from bipolar disorder. We know that their use is contra-indicated in children. What the Aytch-ee-double-toothpicks makes anybody think it's a good idea to mess dramatically with a woman's body and brain chemistry when she's carrying around that extra life? For crying out loud, did these doctors learn nothing from the 1950s Thalidomide babies? Granted, the Prozac babies aren't born with no legs, no arms, or whatever, but it seems there's an increase in seizures among Prozac babies, so does that not count as a severe handicap? Why risk it?

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