Monday, April 03, 2006

The old homestead is fine

France 1910-20 ish
In case anybody was watching the news last evening or this morning & was worried about storm damage, the worst of it passed us by to both north and south. We got a little hail and a pretty heavy dumping of rain (I'm guessing we won't have much talk of drought this spring), with a moderately spectacular show of lightning, but nothing beyond a normal springtime's display. In fact, we were fairly comfortable in just sitting back and watching a couple of videos with friends. Even the kitties seemed undisturbed, by and large (albeit the porch kitties were a bit on the dampish side).

We're all hoping that everybody who visits here, also, is well, and has suffered no great loss due to these latest storms. Our hearts go out, especially, to those folks just a couple hundred miles due south of us, in TN.

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