Saturday, April 01, 2006


In today's Sun-Times article about the Lt. Gov's undying support for the grave-protest bill, they quoted Pat Quinn as saying, "We should not put politics above patriotism," Quinn said. "We're going to get that law passed -- whatever it takes."

Well, I'm as patriotic as the next resident of Forgottonia, and I just want to ask Lt. Gov. Quinn this one question: What, precisely, does limiting the location and time of protests have to do with the rising price of tea in China? The bill is only to enforce a code of behavior -- or, rather, restrict a behavior which most of us agree is crude, cruel, boorish, and shameful. The people Quinn's bill is aimed at are horrid, despicable human beings, but they have nothing to do with anything anti-American, except in the fact that they are horrid, despicable human beings. This damned bill is no USA PATRIOT Act. In fact, the bill has no ties to national defense, no ties to anything remotely patriotic, except that the majority of the funerals at which there have been upright, self-righteous walking piles of used toilet tissue standing with placards have been funerals for our bravest. The bill is a feelgood measure which will eventually be proven unconstitutional, no matter how warm and fuzzy the intent may have been.

"Patriotism" my sagging hindquarters. It's pure, unadulterated politics. And it stinks almost as much as those "protesters" do.

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