Saturday, April 22, 2006

Durbin to take polygraph in leak investigation

Remember when the Democrats were all over the press, demanding that the people who leak our secrets be investigated and "frog marched" from their offices? Well, it seems that those pigeons have come home to roost. For one, Dick Durbin has been asked to take a polygraph test to see if he, his sanctimonious self, might have been involved in the "secret prisons" fiction scandal over which the CIA just canned one of their own. Gateway Pundit has the full scoop, with some great links.

First, we see the end of Lane Evans' career (sorry it was due to ill health, and not to something more like sensible voters), and now there's this potential for stink. Are we going to see a radical change in representation?

Nah. This is Illinois. Corruption and ineptitude are a way of life in politics, here. Even if Durbin is caught out in lies, and even if he were proven to be leaking sensitive documents to Bin Laden himself, he'd still be reelected, and asked to serve from his prison cell. Old, bad habits die hard.

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