Thursday, April 13, 2006

All clear signal given

In case you've been watching weather reports for this region, we had a spot of rough weather come our way over the course of the evening... tornados touched down in Muscatine & IA city, among other places, doing serious damage and injury -- giganto-rama hailstones across six counties, too -- but it all seems to have passed Monmouth by without incident (well, with a few power flickers, anyway).

Of course, I'm posting this while the tornado warnings are still in effect for Galesburg, Cameron and Abingdon, & the big cell is heading toward Peoria & points ESE. Watching the WX reports on my cute little Watchman (the one I got at auction for a buck), wondering if I should consider grabbing spare batteries, water, & the flashlight, & heading for the folks' basement... NAH. 50 mph spinny winds are sissy stuff.

The folks are still down in the western foothills of Appalachia. I don't expect they'll have much of this come their way, but they may have some interesting things to see on the road home.

I reckon I'll have to burn some gasoline tomorrow to get pix. After I finally calm the cats enough to sleep.

Will update if necessary.

If you are, or were, in the path of this storm, my thoughts are with you. It ain't pretty.

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