Saturday, March 11, 2006

Protestors gather in Chgo to protest Sensenbrenner bill

From the Sun-Times comes a little report on yesterday's rally against the proposed bill to make aiding people in illegal immigration practices a felony. The poor people who attended this rally seem to think that there's no difference between a person coming to this country through proper legal channels and those who break the law in order to get here -- and they seem to think it's no great shakes to support people who are willing to break laws to live here:
"'Those who are undocumented, we are not going to make criminals out of them,' Mayor Daley said. 'Everyone in America is an immigrant.'"

Well, Mister Mare, I doubt your daddy would be proud of you. First all, NOT everybody in America is an immigrant, unless you go back so far that everybody in Europe was an immigrant, too. And, second, not every immigrant cheated the system in order to come here. Some of our ancestors actually obeyed the existing laws and came through proper channels, applied, learned the local language (some of mine spoke absolutely no English before they stepped off the boats), and worked their hindquarters off for the privilege of becoming Americans.

In Chicago, you may think it's okay to skirt -- or even overtly violate -- laws in order to get what you want, but downstate, there are plenty of us who think that, if there's a law, it should be obeyed. If you don't agree with the law, don't go out and break it, just have it rescinded, jackass!

But, personally, I believe there is a darned good reason for having immigration restrictions... like, for example, national security, or even, for that matter, individual security. If Da Mare Junior doesn't want to protect his constituents from harm, he should leave his job for somebody who's a little more serious about it.

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