Monday, March 20, 2006

Postcard: IL State Prison, Joliet 1914

In honor of tonight's return of Prison Break to Fox's lineup, I decided I should break out my own prison references...

One poor soul, 'way back in 1914, sent this card back home. It reads as follows:

Dear Mother this is Sunday night I did not have a very good time to-day. How are you and everything. I will be home next Sunday.

Here's hoping the new season is as riveting as the previous one, and that, if the brothers do get home next Sunday, it won't be the end of the thrills for us.

BTW -- this is the old Collins Street prison, or "Joliet State" according to Mom... she points out that the prison everybody now knows as Stateville Correctional Center, erstwhile film home of Jake Blues, was not operational until 1925.

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