Saturday, March 25, 2006

How to save National parks

This week I recieved an e-mail from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. No, we're not good buds, in case anybody was under that peculiar, mistaken notion. I just managed to get myself on some greenies' mailing list, and now I'm learning that
The Bush administration wants to sell off an astonishing 300,000 acres of our national forest lands across 35 different states -- to pay for its mismanagement of America's finances.

I am shocked and stunned. All the buzillions of dollars Congress gave him to play with, and Dubya couldn't persuade them to give him an earmark for something as important as "a rural schools program that has run out of funding."

Bobby Junior claims that "Logging companies, real estate developers and other commercial interests are already lining up to start the bidding."

WELLLLL. If he's so dead-set against the gummint selling land in order to pay for schools, maybe he could take some of those millions upon millions he's raked in over the years in his tree-hugging lawsuits and (a) fund the schools himself, (b) buy the land and set up a privately-owned public access forest preserve, or (c) get a few other Democrats to pony up out of their earmarks. Surely Senator Byrd could give up a Robert Byrd Parkway or two in WV?

With option (a), Kennedy could name a dozen or more schools after himself, and, as they'd be privately funded, there would be no obligation to teach anything other than what he views as "politically correct" and "ecologically sane". He could have a whole army of green zombies for the next generation.

Under option (b), he could have as much control as he wanted over the use of the land. He and all his green pals could promote themselves as truly caring of the wolves, bears, and other nature living in those forests, and they would add no further burden to the country's taxpayers.

Of course, (c) would be the most difficult choice, but certainly has more potential for greater national good. Naturally, this is the one option he is least likely to follow. Instead, Bobby Junior snipes at the President (who, BTW does NOT have ultimate control of the budget. That's in the hands of the Legislative Branch -- at least according to my copy of the US Constitution) and sells panic, once again.

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