Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hillary says "Jesus would have been criminal"

Dang! I had to read about this in Captain's Quarters, today, because none of the MSM thought it was worth keeping on their internet pages (I haven't had much opportunity to actually watch tv, this week, what with developing a social life and all). There at CQ, Captain Ed Morrissey 'splains how wrong Hill really was... like,
Hillary also has a problem with her "understanding of Scriptures", which her speechwriting committee seems to highlight. The Good Samaritan did not cross international borders to assist the victim in the parable; he came from another community in Israel, albeit one held in low regard by other Israelites. Neither did Jesus, who traveled through what is now the West Bank region and Jerusalem but at the time was all part of Israel. Then, as now, nations enforced borders (especially in wartime) and threw out those who entered illegally -- if the offenders were lucky enough not to be killed. Furthermore, if Jesus wanted to come to the United States and preach, He would find this nation to be among the easiest to enter for that purpose, and I doubt that He would find it necessary to dodge the Border Patrol in New Mexico or Texas to do it.

If he wanted to, Capt. Ed could easily have given her a parallel to the Good Samaritan, a citizen of low esteem in his own country, at odds with the more powerful cultural elite -- an apostate: the road is the D.C. Beltway. The traveler is a New England Senator, passed out, soaking wet, perhaps by a bridge. The priestsare Berkeley professors who don't want to interfere in anybody's choice of lifestyle, and the Levite is a Democratic Congressman, who is running for reelection and can't get involved in anything which might appear scandalous. The Samaritan is David Horowitz -- scary, unbending in his apostasy, and nevertheless driven by a moral code to do what is right. All citizens of one land.

(Hey, didn't we just recently have something in the news about a member of one party saving the life of a member of the opposition? Freaky!)

As for Jesus maybe being barred entry if he wanted to move from the Roman Empire to the American Capitalist Imperial Monster... Our State Department sees fit to allow a mouthpiece for a terrorist regime to come attend Yale, so why would they stop a man who not only has skills as a carpenter, but preaches peace, love, law, and rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's -- and lives what he preaches?

Of course, with Hillary and the rest of the Left calling the shots, he just might have been denied entry, as being "too Christian". Hmmm. She may have something, then.

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