Friday, March 24, 2006

Catblog Friday: AyeAye Works Security Detail

The Department of Household Security is operated on a shoestring budget. I don't have a watchdog, I have watchkitties. This is Valentino(aka AyeAye)'s first week on duty, as a just-barely-old-enough-to-get-a-job teenager, and I'd say he's doing a fine job.

First, he stopped a sneaky little critter who tried to get past him by disguising itself as a key fob
Halt!  Friend or Foe?
but AyeAye stopped him for a full inspection
Study Enemy@ All Angles
When it wouldn 't identify itself, AyeAye sensed there would be trouble and leapt into action
Aha!  No escape!
AyeAye positively identified it as Taz, a known trouble-maker. Taz tried playing possum, but AyeAye was on to that trick
I Think He's Dead
Of course, the photojournalist was on hand, and briefly distracted the security officerDon't Distract Me @ Work
Causing a near-escape You Won't Escape Me There!
But AyeAye is quick to act, and a frenzied battle ensues.
Taz Must Die!
Of course, AyeAye gains the upper hand...
Getting the Upper Hand... er, upper paw.

In the end, AyeAye did his job brilliantly. Everybody should have Security Officers so diligent.

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DEBRA said...

Absolutely charming series of photos!!