Monday, March 20, 2006

Banned in Pakistan

Via Michelle Malkin, I've learned that I -- like every other person posting on a site -- have been blocked in Pakistan. While that may unduly inflate my ego (in much the same fashion that having some of my drawings stolen years ago caused my head to grow many sizes), this time, I realize it's not about me. The Pakistani government has taken measures to block us because so many of the sites which posted the cartoons of Mohammed from Jyllands-Posten were hosted on Blogger. So it's about Pakistanis having the right to see things that officials in the government find offensive... like the Mohammed cartoons, but also other independent ideas. It's about intellectual freedom.

Not that I think signing a petition or posting my opinion plus the link, here (also at right, click on the image), will do that much to change the minds of those in power, but then, solidarity is the first step, isn't it? If we all stand together, reminding those who would restrict our speech that there's more of us than them (and some of the folks on our side of the issue are more technologically adept than they), we might actually force them to reconsider.

Whether you blog on Blogger or some other server, please join us in sending this message to those who would keep our voices from being heard.

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