Saturday, March 04, 2006

Announcements, announcements...

My friend Marsha has just sent me the link to her daughter's engagement announcement in the pages of the Galesburg Register-Mail. It's sometimes scary seeing your friends get all wound up in the excitement... but then, I can't help but be a little excited, myself. Jenn is a neat young woman (a lot like her parents, in that regard), and you can't help but have some of her enthusiasm for life rub off, once in a while.

I hope for the best for Jenn and Eric, as well as their respective parents.

Of course, now that it's official and public, I have to find an unusual wedding gift before May, dammit. I'm not the type to shop at Crate & Barrel. Besides, they already have most of their household needs covered. What they need is something rare and amazing. Let me dig out my deerstalker cap, meerschaum pipe, and magnifying glass, Watson. I'm on the hunt, now.

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