Monday, February 20, 2006

Save your mind: quit reading (& writing) leftist hateblogs

I have a couple of friends who live on the somewhat-more-than-somewhat left side of the spectrum, and I had, for a very long time, made it a policy to check in on them at their blogs(one in particular) at least once a week or so, just to see how they've been.

No more.

I'm finding nothing new at all from them. It seems all that's posted on the left side of the blogosphere is "I hate Republicans and everything they stand for" and "War = Bad", with no thought to, perhaps, viewing evidence that there might be something positive coming from either issue. They seem eager to glom onto anything negative, eager to believe the worst all the time, and eager to dance a little jig when misfortune strikes somebody who doesn't agree with their political viewpoints.

Is it reasonable or rational or healthy to openly hope a person dies, so that a political figure will lose his elected post? Is it reasonable, rational, or healthy to blame the Federal government's involvement in a war for the fact that some people don't yet have microwave ovens in their trailers, a mere five months after a devastating hurricane ripped through five states? Is it reasonable, rational, or healthy to blame the current President for the past three decades' failure of Congress to reform the Medicare/Medicaid and SSN programs?

These good people seem to have either been stricken with a mental disorder I can't cure, or they're simply obsessed with rising in TTLB's ecosystem at the cost of their own intellectual advancement. Either way, I can't help them, and I'm tired of trying.

I may be relatively new to this bloggy thing, but I've been keeping a journal since the days when they called it a diary, and it came with a ballerina on the cover and a little lock which didn't really need the little tinfoil key in order to open it. It seems to me that spending hours looking for negative things to report on and rant over isn't a terribly constructive or healthy use of one's time and spiritual energies (and I believe my unofficial bipolar nutjob support group will back me up on that). If a person is so miserable over the state of things, there are two rational courses: get out of the house and start working -- actually working, not just whining on the internet -- toward getting a better system or a better team in place, or just stop looking at the news and take up a meditative hobby like gardening or pottery.

Or, better still, just find a few things to blog about other than your hatred of the Right. You might find yourself a little closer to peace, if you can unclench your mind a bit.

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