Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's not avian, but it is the 'flu

Somehow, even with the cats protecting me from contact with birds, I've managed to come down with a bit of influenza, which puts a damper on my enthusiasm for sitting up and venting on current events. Despite my fever and miserable cough, I've managed to get my column* pieced together (much of it is from raiding my own archives), and posted it at Friday's Klips: Lies, damned lies, and resumes redux. I hope you enjoy it. Meanwhile, I'm going to sit & polish off another cup of hot peppermint tea and let Mommy fuss over me (yeah. sure. that fuss will resemble nothing so much as "why don't you go back home and get some sleep, dear? You look like you could use it.")

*which the editors at the Daily Review Atlas very kindly print each Friday (or thereabouts) at no cost to me

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