Saturday, February 18, 2006

At home with feet propped up... for a second

I didn't go to Wisconsin, yesterday. Whew! I don't think I'd have made the road trip. As it was, I made the much shorter hop to Brrrrlington, IA (yes, it was darned cold, with a wind chill in the double digits below zero Fahrenheit). I went on my own, though, rather than with the planned buncha lunatics. The loonies didn't pass through as planned, due to the winter storm stuff (what a bunch of sissies!). The drive across the river, for me, was easy. Even though we'd just had an ice storm two nights previous to my trip, the roads were clear and not overly busy.

I don't visit the usual haunts, like clubs, malls, and such, when I travel (although I can often be persuaded to pop in if there are odd stores in an outlet mall, and a book store is a mighty fine enticement). I like going to those hardware and builders' supply places like Lowe's and such -- and I can't resist an artists' supplies store. Needless to say, I had to spend an hour or two at Hobby Lobby, since they had a big half-price sale on all sorts of cool stuff that I couldn't afford to buy and couldn't fit into my house if I could afford it ( I really have all the studio suppllies I will ever need, now that I'm working exclusively in watercolor and ink, and have ditched the oils and acrylics in favor of breathing). The sale continues through today, so I may kidnap Mom & make her buy herself some more stuff for her miniatures work. Or, I might not. It's colder out there today than it was yesterday.

I wonder what's open, today? Maybe I can head out and find a museum? Or I should start a new construction job in my house, complete with engineering or some basic math skills and a space to swing an axe (ooh, not an axe. Don't give an axe or power tools to me this week. Change wallpaper. Rip up old ugly carpet and lay in new ugly carpet. Pour cement and shore up the foundations. Anything but breakables or sliceables). I think I probably need to find a direction for my brain, since I seem to be on the bipolar upswing, still. If I don't find something constructive and focused, I'll be back among the noisy spaces very soon...

Time for... uh... maybe some bad poetry.

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