Thursday, December 08, 2005

Some selfish thoughts in light of an accident

A plane ran off the runway at Midway Airport, this evening. According to the reports, there were some inuries, a couple of cars crunched, and a lot of people scared.

Now for my selfish thought: I'm glad I didn't receive a phone call during supper. My sister and her son were supposed to fly in from the D.C. area today, & meet our folks up on the loop, for a day of tourism, followed by my sister attending a conference tomorrow while the geezer and the old bat take their charming and delightful grandson on a jolly jaunt about the Windy City. I don't know whether the flight they were on was out of Baltimore & into Midway, or they flew from D.C. proper. I have no actual info on their flight plans. I'm simply assuming that they weren't on the flight involved in the skid, or my parents would have called to say, "Don't worry, they're okay," or something to that effect. Mom knows I'm a headline junkie. She'd feel obliged to go to the hotel room & let me know the details, & our stomachs would be in knots for weeks over the incident.

As it is, I'm wondering if my sister could be persuaded to take the train home?

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