Friday, December 02, 2005 targets Lieberman for being honest

According to the Harvard Courant, the far-left PAC, has been asking the question, "what are we going to do about Joe Lieberman?" It seems that Lieberman's frank and optimistic perspective on Iraq is a threat to the party, since he refuses to toe the line and say "Bush/Israel evil, Iraq quagmire". Some of the left's bloggers and commenters are even referring to Joe as a "neocon". I think that's cute. A man who actually says what he thinks is right, without waiting for his party's poll numbers to guide him, a man who believes America is a greta country and that our troops are doing good work, a man who says that Abu Ghraib pales in comparison to 9/11 (especially since the people who planned the hijackings have not yet apologized for killing 3000 innocent people), a man who believes that partisanship for the sake of partisanship is destructive and not what he was elected for... that makes him the antithesis of the moonbats and leftwing partisan hacks and crooks, so I guess he must be a neocon.

Say, if they try to smear him, will he join the Republican party? If he does, can we nominate him for Prez? Even if he doesn't join the Republican party, I'd still like to see him on the ballot, again. I'd even campaign for him. He'd be a far sight better than just about anybody else.

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