Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fiskie Nominations Now Open, at lgf

Little Green Footballs is now accepting nominations for their Idiotarian of the Year Award, also known as the Fiskie Award. I think there may still be time to get your choice into the mix. Even if you're late, though, take the time to read the comments. There are a few good ones!

I wanted, originally, to nominate the people who Blame Bush for the tsunami last winter, for the hurricanes, and other natural disasters, but there were too many insignificant people in that cluster to make the group count. I'd also considered naming Ex-Minister Whatsizname in Canada, for his bizarre proposal, but he doesn't seem to have had the ear of anybody but a few students and a bored AP reporter or two. He's not so much an idiotarian as an overindulged Star Trek fan, I think.

And, I got in too late to nominate Dick Turban -- er, Durbin.

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