Thursday, November 03, 2005

What's up with the CIA?

In My favorite Democrat, part 21 Scott Johnson of Power Line exerpts a subscription-only piece from Washington Attorney Victoria Toensing, about all the niggling problems she had concerning the CIA's actions (and inactions) regarding Joseph Wilson and all the din around him.

Toensing goes point-by point, and Johnson gives us the list of eyebrow-raisers she presents.

I've wondered about a few of these things, myself, but this article lists very nicely all the big questions that we and our elected representatives need to ask about this whole affair.

The ultimate question which must be asked -- the one that Toensing, Johnson and I all want answered -- is this: was the CIA simply inept, or were they using their powers illegally to influence our own nation's elections? Either way, I have a BIG problem with them, now.

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