Friday, November 18, 2005

Catblog Friday: Daily Ablutions

Most mornings, I spend the first couple of hours awake doing heavy lifting (for my upper body strength, since I have problems with my legs), either in the garden during the warm seasons, or indoors tossing heavy boxes around when it's too cold for my lungs to be out there. When I'm finished, I shower (as would anybody who cares about the noses of his fellow human beings). I've taken to showering twice, lately, since cat saliva often gives me hives, and, for some reason, Peanut has decided that my slightly damp, towelled-off hair needs help drying.

Eww, originally uploaded by leucanthemum b.

She gives my scalp a pretty good workout while I watch the news on tv

until she, exhausted from all that effort, has to take a long break

Oh Lemme rest a minute, originally uploaded by leucanthemum b.

after which, when she wakes up and moves to a more recumbent position, I go back and do the "Rinse, Repeat" part of the instructions on the shampoo bottle. Then, I make a mad dash for the door before the little legume can start the process over again.

Every morning, as Peanut mothers me in this manner, I think of the person who once told me that cats are aloof and impersonable, and I snicker.

Update:Peanut may be nice to me, but there are other kitties worth meeting & sharing bathtime with, over at Carnival of the Cats, hosted by Amber, Mouse, and their pet Cassie, at Scribblings

1 comment: said...

How sweet!
My kitty, Grace, has a fascination with my hair, but she pulls it! She sleeps next to my head at night and lulls herself to sleep by grooming me.