Monday, October 31, 2005

Where's the oil money?

TaxProf says: "Since 1977, governments collected more than $1.34 trillion, after adjusting for inflation, in gasoline tax revenues -- more than twice the amount of domestic profits earned by major U.S. oil companies during the same period:"
(HT instapundit)

Neat trick! The government gets more money out of a business than the business does. And there are people in Congress pressing to squeeze even more out of the oil companies. Didn't the Beatles sing about this, once?

Does it occur to these jackasses in lawmaking that every time they raise the price of gasoline in this fashion, they put an increased burden on the workers who are forced to commute, but who live outside cities? Pretty much anybody involved in food production at the farm level, for example, plus all those who live in rural communities, will get crapped upon, just as we did under Carter. We won't be able to drive to work, we won't be able to afford to bus our kids to school, we won't be able to afford to do much of anything above subsistence, leading us to surrender our farms and homes to the state or to big agribusinesses... or, is it their plan to have the entire "red state" Midwest collapse and go on Welfare, forcing us to become dependent upon the Democratic party for our daily bread and circuses?

Hmmmm. Can they really have planned this one through to such a degree? One wouldn't suspect such long-term strategic thinking abilities to have fallen into the left end of the spectrum.

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