Thursday, October 27, 2005

Uribe nothing to sneeze at

Okay, so I didn't go straight to sleep last night after I left Mom's computer. With this stuffy head, I soaked in the tub and listened to the tv in the next room, and when I got out of the hot soak, the Sox were afield in the seventh inning.

No great shakes. I'm a Cubs' fan. Except that there was nothing else worth watching, last night. I don't have cable or satellite, I don't have a working 'puter at home, so I was stuck with the Sox/Astros game four. And I'm suitably impressed with Juan Uribe. His backhanded falling-into-the-seats near the end of the game was a thing to behold, and his final play, the bullet-throw to first to end the game... well, let's just say that he showed a lot of real baseball style last night. It was worth watching.

It's good to see the championship trophy dragged kicking and screaming back to the Windy City. Maybe someday my northside boys will do it, too. When that happens, I'll watch every game the whole way through, instead of just the last coupla innings.

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