Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tenants find alien protection device in new house

According to WQAD, the police have removed an alien protection device some people found when they were moving into their Davenport, IA, rental house.

At first, the new tenants thought they'd found a bomb in their home, but after the previous tenant explained it away as a device given to her by a man who was "off his rocker", the decision was made that it was... still dangerous-looking.

Someday, somebody will come into my house, after I'm gone, and they'll wonder what that toxic substance is, that I've stored in the back of the old refrigerator in the room that passes for a kitchen. I haven't been in there in, oh, about eight months, so I doubt I could identify whatever it was. But maybe, Arthur Dent-style, it could be used to kill the avian flu. Or deterring alien invasion. Or something.

The less nuts I become, the less certain I am of things. Douglas Adams would be proud.

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