Monday, October 17, 2005

Light blogging, with a smattering of Defense, today

Heading out for some high-priority-item shopping with ex sailorette this afternoon (going to Lowe's for some wood stain/sealant). She got some good news regarding her V.A. situation, so, while we're out, we may work on organizing her thoughts ( that ought to be something to watch -- a coupla total nutcases getting organized!), & we may both blog on it over the next few days. Or, maybe I'll just let her tell the whole thing in her own way. Either way, it looks as though she has won this round, in the V.A. v. Female Vets war...

Meanwhile, I offer this exerpt from the Handbook of Civilian Defense:
It is up to you, for instance, to do everything you can to keep this country healthy. Only healthy countries win wars. You must assist in reducing the threat of epidemics. You can be of great service in boosting the moreale of the men in uniform and of the multitude of workers in defense industries who have been separated from their homes. By simply understanding your own job better and developing a cooperative attitude toward all war effort you can be of great benefit to your country.

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