Wednesday, October 19, 2005

JibJab takes on Wal-Mart has come up with its latest little animated featurette, in which they have a cast of thousands of volunteers, all for the opportunity to insult the industry which has actually saved a few small midwestern towns: the discount superstore.

If it weren't for those businesses such as Wal-Mart, Target, & the like, places like Monmouth, Galesburg, etc., would be paying through the nose for products we don't really like, but which some pinhead in California or New York thought we ought to wear. And we'd be mocked and scoffed at, anyway. As long as the giganto-rama-marts are providing us with the same thing the coastals have, but without the designer label and with the acknowledgement that it was made by near-slave-labor in China (as compared to the near-slave-labor producing, say, Levi's or umm... who makes Manolos, again? Oh, that's right. Near-slave-labor amid the Eurotrash), we will be happy. I mean, it's not as if our employers in this community were able to keep us all earning reasonable incomes, after the minimum wage laws were enacted -- we got by on what was needed in a small town, before the law, but businesses folded once the wage increases were mandated. So, we got a big store to come in and pay a bunch of people who were otherwise totally without work, and in return, we shopped and bought from the new bosses. If we don't like what they have to sell, we tell them so with our checkbooks.

Of course, when those nice people who protest the existence of Wal-Mart start manufacturing comparable products at comparable prices, and start trying to market them in our region, maybe we'll allow they have a leg to stand on, and we might consider their fashion and business opinions somewhere in the range of reason. Until then, I think it smells a bit like sour grapes.

My final verdict on JibJab: I'm not impressed with the message, or with the style of delivery, this time. It wasn't even all that funny. They missed on all counts.

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