Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday's catblogging: Seasons change

That's what you get, dear, originally uploaded by leucanthemum b.

Here is the first picture I took of one of this past summer's last litters. This threesome came from the runt of last year's main litter, the one I named Spider (because she looked all legs and she had the same dusty color that those big-a$$ wolf spiders have). Anyway, my neighbor named these three Winken, Blinken and Nod as soon as Spider brought them over to "the playpen" -- the enclosed space under said neighbor's back porch.

They're all, now, a little over 10 weeks old, and Winken has shown himself to be quite the intrepid one. He's willing to stand up to his older, larger cousin.

Standoff, originally uploaded by leucanthemum b.

Plus, he's the first one to come bounding down the driveway to greet me when I come out in the morning. That has to count for something.

Welcome, all you who came here via Where the Dolphins Play, whose dolphin has kindly hosted (many thanks!) this week's Carnival of the Cats! Thanks for stopping in, & I hope you find other things you like, while you're here.

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DEBRA said...

Lovely little bundles of fur and fun!