Monday, September 19, 2005

You will be known by the company you keep

Gateway Pundit has a little piece on the good people with whom Rev. Jesse Jackson has been linked: Mugabe Joins Chavez and Jesse Jackson.

So, a murderous despot who has driven his country to starvation joins the pack, along with a guy who shtupped an employee and sired a kid out of wedlock & extorts money from corporations who are too afraid of being called names, and a guy endorsed by Jimmy Carter (who, by the way, thought Arafat was a nice guy and an honest dealer) as a legitimately elected leader, even though all the evidence points to fraud and intimidation. These men claim they're morally superior to the President who has cruelly brought democracy to one benighted country and is in the process of doing the same for a second...

Back in the day (when I'd go out with anybody who asked), I used to date a guy who had a sense of moral superiority comparable to theirs. He's doing 25 to life.

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