Friday, September 23, 2005

Will this do Shi Tao any good?

Accorcing to, a guidebook has been published to help bloggers beat censors.

This is all very well and good, but does it help Shi Tao get out of jail? And, if the server (like Yahoo!) knuckles under to government demands to unveil the identities of certain bloggers, does this guidebook help the blogger keep his anonymity?

We have similar search systems, in this counry, for lawbreakers... such as traffickers in child pornography (even manure has greater worth than they do), but this guidebook may help them, if it helps political dissidents in other countries. If fails to protect even one user, the handbook is a technical failure. If it is used by creeps (pedophiles, terrorists, etc, as it advises against), and they are thus protected, it is a moral failure.

Sometimes, I wish I lived in a time when morality and ethics didn't come slamming up against complex social settings, when nobody had to make decisions... y'know... before we evolved from that primordial ooze...

Still, I hope this book gets shipped by the ton to Iran and other points Asian...

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