Monday, September 19, 2005

We're up and running!

I can't say how effectively, or for how long, but Mom has been gradually working toward the goal of having a fully functional machine by the end of this decade. We have most of our software in some semblance of operation, but seem to have lost a few vital pieces of data, our e-mail address book being at the top of the list. If you had been receiving my weekly column in your mailbox, and it's not there, this week (it wasn't there last week, either, but that was because there was no column last week), please send Mom or me a note. I know where you are, in theory, but in practice is not so goodly...

On a related note, I decided to see if my use of Mom's machine could pay, so I broke down and joined the capitalist society. You may have already noticed, there are now some advertisements in the sidebar. My apologies if you find them spiritually offensive. I'm not so fond of the act of renting out space, myself, but, someday, I'd like to wean myself from financial assistance at home, and this is cleaner than walking the streets... ;-)

The ads are not a reflection of my personal views, and if you see one that is, shall we say, problematic, please let me know. But don't shoot the billboard hanger. I know I'm a large and easy target, but all you'll do is make Mongo angry.

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