Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's Fall Festival time!

Scots Flag Corps
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One of the nice things about living in a small town like Monmouth is that you can count on seeing people you know in virtually every grouping during a parade.

We have this parade to launch our city's fall festival, every year, the Wednesday following Labor Day. The Prime Beef Festival is one of those traditions that has withstood the test of a century's whimsies, having originally been the Fall Festival on the Square -- until the state said we couldn't block traffic on the two state highways which cut through the heart of our fair city, when it was moved, then moved again to where it is now, at the edge of Monmouth Park. When I was a kid, the set up a hundred yards or so farther south, but our "subdivision" stands there, now, a couple dozen houses strong.

At any rate, because the fair is, for me, a big deal, I will likely be spending more time chasing amusements with my friends than blogging, again, this week. I will try to pop in to give updates on the events as I see them, but I can't guarantee after four long days of strolling, playing unwinnable games, and pigging out on elephant ears and funnel cakes, I'll be in any way coherent enough to put thoughts to screen.

Meanwhile, if you're in the neighborhood of Warren or Knox County in IL, please swing by Monmouth Park for the fun, or hop over to Galesburg Airport for the Steerman Days, & talk to the pilots of those classic biplanes. They're offering 15-minute rides in them, if you can afford to fork out a bit (I think Mom said it was $75 per flight).

If I had that kind of cash, I'd love to fly in an open cockpit over the open fields.

Soaring Above Parade
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Something to save up for, next summer, I suppose.

But then, I'll likely be frolicking in Monmouth Park, again, anyway. I've always been a sucker for carnivals.

Update: On the other hand, I may hang onto the cash I'd saved for funnel cake, and use it to pack & ship some stuff for this, instead. Which would leave me happier in the long run, I wonder? Hmmm. I guess I can ignore my overzealous stomach for another year. I'll take a lot of pics, instead. (HT to Michelle Malkin)

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