Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Great Caesar's Ghost!

It looks as though DNC Chairman Governor Howard Dean, M.D. (whew! what a space-gobbler! I wonder how he fits that on the little line on his checks!) has joined the ranks of those deifying our President. In his latest e-missive to members of the party (and those who support... and folks like me who like to keep informed), he says, and I quote:

"The irresponsible lack of attention by our federal government has led directly to the devastation of communities and the loss of American lives."

This, along with the undead Kennedy boys, and countless other drones of the left, declaring that President Bush is responsible for the destruction wrought by Katrina, makes me wonder if, perhaps, Robert Graves was prescient about Dubya's long-term place in history, and just got the name wrong.

Should I be starting to build a temple?

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